Here are quick links to my Passap machine knitting patterns which are on my blog and shop. Most patterns include .stp (Designaknit) and .bmp (Wincrea) files. The search box at the top right of my website is also a quick way to search for keywords. 🙂

Sunshine blanket (on my shop)

Happy Camper blanket (on my shop)

Casting off on the Passap (with video)

Sweet 3 color jacquard blanket (free)

Home throw (on my Etsy shop)

Dream Space child blanket (free)

Neutral Lines blanket (free)

Chevron Blocks (on my shop)

Musical Notes baby blanket (free)

Lightening Fast Winter Cowl (free) -a good beginner project. Quick but also stylish.

Christmas Blanket “Oh Holy Night” (free)

Geode Blanket on my shop

Summer Slice blanket (free)

Easy Machine Knit Kimono pattern and tutorial (for Passap and other machines—free)

Flower Diamond blanket (free)

Xing blanket (free)

Cactus wrap (free)

The Pineapple blanket (free)

Tuck baby blanket (free)

How to cut and sew a hat tutorial (free)

How to knit a half Milano edge tutorial (free)

Happy Scarves (easy ribber knit–free tutorial/pattern)

How to wash fleece (free)

Machine knit sock tutorial (free)