Pixie Lock Picker

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What is a Pixie Lock Picker?  You may have seen it featured in Ply Magazine.  The Pixie Lock Picker is a tool which helps to easily open locks while you are prepping fiber.  When I prep fiber for combing, I always open the tips of the locks before combing.  This … Read More

It’s Another Shop Update!

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I have added some super nice fibers to my farm shop on Etsy.  Fibers include: Cormo lamb, adult Cormo, washed Wensleydale lamb (white and black/silver), and some Kid Mohair locks.  The Cormo and Wensleydale were homegrown right here on the farm.  All locks have very little (if any) vegetable matter.  The Cormo … Read More

Farm Fresh Wensleydale Lamb Locks

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I have added some farm fresh Wensleydale lamb locks to my online farm shop.  There are some washed white and silver/grey/black along with some dyed locks.  These locks are from my high percentage Wensleydale lambs.  The locks are very soft and silky.

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