Artisan Knit Blankets and Passap Parts

Welcome to my website!  I design contemporary patterns for digital knitting machines and sell 3D printed Passap replacement parts.

Check my blog for machine knitting tutorials and patterns (with Designaknit and Wincrea files) for Passap and other electronic knitting machines.



Recent Blog Posts…

Wine Glass Machine Knit Blanket
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Happy New Year and a blanket design to go along with it. :). I am sharing the Designaknit .stp and a .bmp (Wincrea) of my own hand drawn pattern design. I knit my blanket with... Read More

Simple Marl Baby Blanket
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I bought the book, “Making Marls,” by Cecelia Campochiaro when it was first released in 2020. I have knit several items using the marl technique. While this technique is not new, I found the book... Read More