Herman Hills Farm is located in SW Ohio.  The farm is home to registered NASSA fine wool Shetland Sheep.  Check my blog for machine knitting tutorials and patterns (with Designaknit and Wincrea files) for Passap and other knitting machines.  Visit the online Etsy shop to purchase 3D printed Passap knitting machine parts and accessories, knitting patterns, and homegrown wool from our sheep.



Recent Blog Posts…

Geode Knit Blanket Pattern
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The Geode blanket was knit on the Passap E6000. I have listed this pattern on my Etsy. It comes with detailed .pdf instructions for cast on/cast off, a Wincrea file .bmp, and a Designaknit file... Read More

Passap Knit Horse Head Blanket
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I knit a few of these horse blankets for friends. It was knit on the Passap E6000 with technique 186 which is a tuck double bed 2 color technique. There is no text so the... Read More