New Pattern Shop and Webshop Changes

photo of payhip shop

I have moved my machine knitting patterns to a new shop. Etsy does not support Designaknit files and Square Online (my current test shop) does not even email files. I have been manually emailing Etsy sale .stp files and all files for Square Online after each sale. It has just been a bit much to keep track of between the two shops.

Since the convenience of digital patterns is to have them emailed immediately upon checkout, I needed to find a different place to sell them. I just recently found Payhip. Payhip is simple and easy. Many knitters and sewing pattern designers use Payhip for their digital pattern sales. On Payhip, you check out with Paypal (or debit/credit card via Paypal) and the best part is: you have ALL of your files (.stp, .bmp, .pdf) immediately upon checking out. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Link to Payhip Pattern shop HERE

Be sure to follow my shop and hashtag your finished knits with #hermanhillsfarm Thank you! I have lots more patterns to add to the shop and hope to get them listed soon. 🙂

Another change is to have all the printed parts on Etsy and Ebay only. With recent changes for VAT compliance in 2021, I decided Etsy/Ebay will be best as they calculate and submit VAT fees for the seller. I have been directing my international sales to Etsy as I worked on figuring out VAT details, and I have figured out I want Etsy/Ebay to do it for me! I will have my Square Online shop up for a now, but the shop link is to Etsy on this website. I am hoping more information will be published about submitting VAT. For now, International sales go through Etsy/Ebay. Thanks for understanding.

You need to add a widget, row, or prebuilt layout before you’ll see anything here. 🙂

Dream Space Child Blanket Pattern

passap blanket afghan

The Dream Space blanket is a design for a boy or girl. It is child size blanket. If you use a small font, you could add a name or initials at the top middle or lower left of the blanket. This blanket was knit on the Passap E6000 knitting machine, but it can be knit on any electronic machine with 176 needles. I knit this one in double bed jacquard.

Details: Cast on #3. Cast on 176 needles 88-0-88 double bed. Passap technique 187. Both end needles on front bed. Knit 1000 lock passes (250 pattern rows). You can use any yarn that works for you double bed. (For other brands electronic machines, follow the double bed jacquard set up in your machine manual.). I knit my blanket with 2 strands 2/24 (double strands of each color). The finished size after washing was 45″ wide by 69″ long.

Cast off: For the cast off, I used the same yarn color as the cast on. I cast off by knitting one row N/N right to left in one whole tension number looser/higher than main tension. I then transferred all back bed stitches to the front bed with the U100. Then moved the locks back to the right using GX/GX (no knitting). I picked up the main yarn color again and knit one row right to left N/N at another looser tension of 3 clicks looser/higher. This row puts loops (not really stitches) on the back bed. I then cast off on the front bed (ignoring the back bed loops). This is a latch tool cast off (loop through loop) on the front bed. This cast off is very loose and works great for the stretch needed on the tuck pattern.

I am sharing the files for Designaknit and Wincrea. Note to small shops: You may sell your finished blankets. Please credit Herman Hills Farm for the design.

Click here to link to the DAK .stp and Wincrea .bmp files

Knitting and Knitting

passap blanket

Lots of knitting and knitting here in the studio! I have been busy knitting since before the holidays and it hasn’t slowed down much at all. There are several patterns I have been working on. I have a child blanket (free pattern) almost ready. Hopefully, I will be posting it on my blog this weekend.

Lately, a majority of my time has been spent working on my online shop. I have had a shop on Etsy for over 10 years. I decided it was time to move off of Etsy and have a shop on my website. Soon, when you click “shop” on my website, it will go to the new shop and not Etsy.

The new shop will be through Square (SquareUp/SquareOnline) which is a well-known payment processor. If you have any problems on the shop, please let me know. Be sure to check spam/junk mail folders for order confirmation and shipping emails.

I will have my digital patterns listed on the new shop. Digital patterns do not automatically send after checkout is completed. I will manually send you an email with the digital files within 48 hours of your purchase. Be sure to check spam/junk mail folders!

Square doesn’t really have a great way of calculating international shipping. The standard package weight is set at over 8 ounces. If you are only buying a few small items, the total weight might be less than 8 ounces. Please contact me if you want an exact shipping quote (for international shipping)! I can manually calculate shipping and send you an invoice too if prefer. I do refund shipping when it is calculated incorrectly (whether you contact me or not). Please remember, it is the weight of the items and the box/packaging which may bring the total weight over 8 ounces. Sadly, international shipping is high. Even an empty package/envelope is $15… Packages over 8 ounces jump to over $25. NOTE: all international orders will be responsible for VAT and duty fees.

Back to knitting. I need to get that pattern done!

Happy knitting!!

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