Growing Fleeces

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I was checking coats on a few of the sheep and got a quick picture while they munched on some hay. I also took a some photos of the growing fleeces…

Shop Update!

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New stuff in the shop (Wensleydale locks (dyed), Wensleydale lamb locks (washed), and some Angelina sparkle).

Craftsy Crochet

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I wanted to try to crochet amigurumi animals.  I have a couple of books for amigurumi but for some reason I could never figure out how to start with the magic ring.  I ended up finding some super simple directions for the magic ring in the book “Happy Hooker,” by … Read More

Time to Drive

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Finally, it has cooled off a bit and I can get back to driving!  I got the marathon carriage out and gave it a good scrubbing.  My harness is super clean.  Now I am ready to drive!  The National Drive and the Kentucky Classic CDE are both coming up soon! … Read More

New Spins!

I have some new handspun to share!  Fibers include super soft Cormo and Wensleydale from my sheep, along with various other wools, silk, and Angelina. Melon handspun 108.5 yards chunky weight singles yarn. I got some before and after spun photos of my next one.  This one (below) is Tyblue. … Read More

Wensleydale Lambs

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I was checking the sheep the other night and just happen to have my cell phone, so I snapped a couple of quick pictures.  This is Wibble (ewe) and Wobble (ram) a couple of the high percentage Wensleydale lambs we had this year by Grey Owl (UK sire).  Wobble is … Read More

Hand Dyed Cormo Top

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I am now stocking hand dyed Cormo top in my Etsy shop.  I will be adding more as I get time.  Stop by the shop and check out the colorways I have listed! This top was processed at Zeillinger Wool Company.  It is super soft and fluffy. The wool has … Read More

Feathers and Fluff…

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Every once in a while, I will pick up some feathers from around the farm.  I have guinea fowl.  Their feathers are beautiful and unique.  They do take dye well.  I have dyed a few.  I still have not used them for anything.  I know they work well as an … Read More

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