Woolmark Launches Online Courses

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We have a bit of free time right now. Why not sign up for some online classes. Woolmark has launched a series of free online courses all about WOOL! https://www.woolmarklearningcentre.com/ Courses are for anyone interested in wool and even those wanting to go more indepth. Please stay safe! …Hoping for … Read More

Fall “ish”

Summer is finally fading and cooler fall weather is here. 🙂 Designaknit (DAK) 9 has been released, so lots of reading up on the new update and testing new features. So far, I can see it is a big improvement over DAK 8. Hoping to post some projects soon… 😉

Sheep Checkup!

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Yes, there is always one sheep turned the wrong direction.  I should tilt the sides of the chute to keep that from happening I guess…  All the sheep are healthy and happy.  Waiting on lambs in Feb/March.

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