Herman Hills Farm is on Facebook!

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  I have never been much of a Facebook person.  It always seemed sort of confusing.  Two weeks ago, I decided I would give Facebook a chance.  It is still a bit confusing, but I am figuring things out.  I made a Facebook page for the farm.  If you are … Read More

New Locks in the Shop!

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I have stocked my online farm shop with some farm fresh, hand dyed locks (from coated fleeces).  There are hand dyed Cormo, Wensleydale, and Coopworth lamb locks in the shop along with some washed locks, top, and roving.

Fleece on the Hoof

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The weather this summer has been crazy.  First it was rainy, then hot, then rainy, then cool, now it is hot again.  The parasites (worms- especially the barber pole worm) have been thriving, so I have been keeping a close watch (as always) on the sheep.  The barber pole worm … Read More

Cormo Fleece Available

My Cormo have been sheared and I have a couple of fleeces that have not been spoken for.  The sheep were coated all year.  This is the prime coated fleece.  It is $25 per pound raw.  Shipping is extra.  (You can estimate shipping at USPS   Shipping from 45013.)  Fleece is … Read More

Spring (Shearing) is Here!

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The Cormo sheep have been sheared and I will be skirting fleeces for the next couple of days.  Most of the fleeces have been spoken for, but there may be a couple of extras.  I will send out a newsletter with information about remaining fleeces (if there are any). I … Read More


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I have two weaving projects going right now.  One is a very simple warp of 4 harness dish towels.  I wanted something quick to weave.  I found a simple draft in one of my Weaver’s Craft magazines. The other weaving project I am working on is a multishaft twill sample … Read More

Saori Scarf

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  I am posting some photos of the most recent project to come off the Saori loom.  I wove 3 identical scarves on this one warp.  The warp is commercial yarn.  The weft is a mix of handspun and commercial yarn along with some tailspun Wensleydale locks.

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