Passap Knit Horse Head Blanket

passap blanket reversible

I knit a few of these horse blankets for friends. It was knit on the Passap E6000 with technique 186 which is a tuck double bed 2 color technique. There is no text so the blanket is reversible. The finished size after washing was 64″ x 73.”

The grey and navy blanket was the first one I knit (see photos below). I noticed the muzzle seemed a bit long, so I reshaped and deleted stitches until I got it the way I liked it. I ended up removing rows and modifying a large part of the stitches on the inner design also for more definition. The mustard and white blanket (shown above) is the final design after modifications.

horse head blanket
front back view

The graphic I used for this blanket is from Shutterstock, so it is not one I can share… You can sign up for a free trial and download for 10 graphics free for the first month.

up close blanket
close view blanket
machine knit blanket

Summer Slice Machine Knit Blanket

slice blanket

The Summer Slice machine knit blanket can be lemon, orange, or lime!! I chose to make an Orange Slice and Lemon Slice. I plan on making a Lime Slice too! My blankets were knit on a Passap E6000 knitting machine. You can knit this on any double bed machine, though it will be narrower on a different machine. I used technique 186 on the Passap which is a double bed tuck pattern. Technique 186 results in a very wide blanket when knit full bed.

The finished size is approximately 60″ wide by 71″ long (with 2 strands each color 2/24 yarn) which is a great size for an adult throw. This design has been popular with teenagers!

Cast on 88-0-88 for double bed. Both end needles are on the back bed. Knit 250 pattern rows, 1000 lock passes. I cast off using the method described on this post.

I am sharing the Wincrea .bmp and Designaknit .stp files for the Summer Slice machine knit blanket. There will be a blank border on the bottom. You can add a name there if you want to. 🙂

Click HERE to access the file download page.

lemon slice
Lemon Slice
blanket up close
Lemon Size Reference
passap blanket
Orange Slice (Name option on bottom border)
Orange Slice

Online Round Yoke Sweater Class

knitting machine

Whitehall Studio is launching an online class for a round yoke sweater!! Whitehall Studio is a luxury knitwear brand based in the UK. Nic Corrigan (the owner of Whitehall Studio) has taught “in person” classes for many years. She recently started offering online classes. Her latest online class, The Stoodley Jumper, is a round yoke sweater which can be knit on any knitting machine. The class is designed for beginners and experienced knitters. The class starts on September 28 and if you sign up before this Sunday, there is an early sign up discount. The link to all of the classes is here. Click on The Stoodley Jumper for the round yoke class. The early sign up discount code is NEWS20. Enter the code during the checkout for 20% off. This code expires at midnight UK time on Sunday September 20 so that will be 7pm East Coast US. The signup for the class also includes FREE annual access to her new Machine Knit Community which is also launching at the end of this month (worth $63). If you decide to not join the class, please check out her free classes on the Whitehall Studio website.

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