Lightening Fast Winter Cowl

passap cowl

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a camping/trail riding trip with my horses. I knew the mornings would be cold at around 35F. I made a quick wool cowl on my Passap to wear. Everyone loved my cowl. When I went on another camping/trail riding trip, I was sure to have a few cowls to give out to my friends.

I wear these all the time because I am outside a lot (every day!) during the winter. A cowl is a great gift for anyone who spends time outside in the winter.

Be sure to read to the end of the post for basic instructions to knit the cowl on any brand and gauge machine.

I knit my wool cowls on my Passap E6000 with UK 3 ply weight yarn (similar weight to light fingering in the US). I used Yeoman Volga 50/50 yarn for the ones in the photos. The Yeoman Volga is machine washable which is good for gifting.

I used the Passap patterns in the console, but any pattern or mix of patterns will work. Cast on #3. First row of cast on lock tension 3.1. Second row of cast on tension 4.1. Knitting tension 5.1.

Any yarn knit at lock tension 5.1 will work with the given cast on/row numbers. (If you are using a different tension/yarn, see my notes at the bottom of the post for size/measurements.)

Cast on 50-0-50 (woman’s medium size) and knit 150 rows (on the lock row counter) in double bed jacquard technique 183. Weave in your ends.

cowl machine knit
passap cowl diagram

This is how to assemble the cowl. Look at the photo above. It shows the fabric when it is off the machine and where you will be seaming.

Look at photo below. Fold the fabric in half joining the edges. Make sure to have the right side (public side or pattern side) of the fabric together. You will be looking at the wrong side as your are seaming (on the sewing machine). The cast on/cast off will be the top/bottom openings of the cowl tube once it is finished.

passap cowl diagram

Sew the seam (creating a tube/cowl) with right sides together, BUT only sew the seam a little over half way. Leave the bottom half of the seam open/unsewn. I added a tag into my seam before the bottom opening. When you are wearing the cowl, the open seam will be on one side, over the shoulder. The opening helps to keep the cowl down in your coat.

I sewed my seam on my sewing machine with a straight stitch. This seam does not require stretch, so no zig zag stitch is required. I did loosen the pressure foot pressure on the sewing machine to keep the fabric from stretching while sewing. Use needles for knits.

inside of passap cowl

Notes for knitting on any machine. My finished fabric is 18 inches wide by 10.5 inches long before folding/seaming. This is for a woman’s medium. I would add one inch for woman’s large. (Basically, you are using the same measurement as you would for a hat. Measure the head circumference and deduct and inch or two for negative ease depending on how tight you prefer your hat to be.)

passap cowl

For more information and online classes about sewing knits, check out Olgalyn Jolly’s website here.

If anyone is looking for a replacement piece for the Passap E6000 tension mast, my son has designed a 3D printed part. It is listed on my Etsy shop.

part for tension mast passap

Christmas Blanket Pattern

passap blankets

Christmas isn’t too far off. If you were thinking about knitting a blanket or two or five (LOL), I have a free pattern for you. I found this graphic free online. I edited it a bit and converted it in Designaknit. I am sharing the Designaknit .stp and Wincrea .bmp files.

passap blankets

This blanket was knit on the Passap E6000 double bed with technique 186. I can be knit on any electronic machine that has 200 needles (though the finished size will be much smaller). Cast on 88-0-88. Both end needles on back bed (after cast on put a stitch on left back bed end needle). Cast on number 3. Reset the row counter on the lock and knit 250 pattern rows (1000 lock passes). The cast off I use is detailed on this post. The finished size of my blanket is 66″ wide by 78″ long. I used 2/24 doubled for each color.

You can download the files for the blanket at this link:

machine knit passap blanket

Geode Knit Blanket Pattern

geode machine knit blanket

The Geode blanket was knit on the Passap E6000. I have listed this pattern on my shop. It comes with detailed .pdf instructions for cast on/cast off, a Wincrea file .bmp, and a Designaknit file .stp.

I am hoping to get some more patterns on my shop. I will still continue to have free patterns on my website too! Even though the pattern details for the Geode blanket are written for the Passap E6000, the .stp file can be used on any electronic machine with 200 needles. The finished size will. of course, be much smaller if knit with a different technique or or a different machine.

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