How to Weight Ribbed Fabric

You are knitting along and the ribber weights are almost touching the floor…what do you do? Rehang the comb. I have used this technique for years. Once the weights are about to hit the floor, keep the comb and weights in. Insert another ribber comb into the fabric just below the machine (where you can see the fabric). Then remove the ribber comb which is at the floor.

In the photo below, I did not use a second comb. Once the weights were close to the floor, I added a long weighted bar just above the ribber comb. I then removed the ribber comb and rehung it up higher. I then removed the weighted bar. When reinserting the ribber comb, be careful to not split the yarn.

ribber comb
ribber comb
ribber comb

Harper Knit Blanket

This was a baby blanket gift. It was delivered a bit late… ;). Designed with Designaknit. Knit on Passap E6000 3 color technique 199. Two stands 2/24 of each color. Both end needles were on the front bed. 140 stitches and 152 rows (pattern rows on Designaknit). This was 912 rows of actual knitting. It was a bit long for a tiny baby, but I intentionally made it a little longer just in case her older sister wanted to use it. :). I had several versions of the blanket before deciding on the final. :)….

knit blanket
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