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passap blanket

Lots of knitting and knitting here in the studio! I have been busy knitting since before the holidays and it hasn’t slowed down much at all. There are several patterns I have been working on. I have a child blanket (free pattern) almost ready. Hopefully, I will be posting it on my blog this weekend.

Lately, a majority of my time has been spent working on my online shop. I have had a shop on Etsy for over 10 years. I decided it was time to move off of Etsy and have a shop on my website. Soon, when you click “shop” on my website, it will go to the new shop and not Etsy.

The new shop will be through Square (SquareUp/SquareOnline) which is a well-known payment processor. If you have any problems on the shop, please let me know. Be sure to check spam/junk mail folders for order confirmation and shipping emails.

I will have my digital patterns listed on the new shop. Digital patterns do not automatically send after checkout is completed. I will manually send you an email with the digital files within 48 hours of your purchase. Be sure to check spam/junk mail folders!

Square doesn’t really have a great way of calculating international shipping. The standard package weight is set at over 8 ounces. If you are only buying a few small items, the total weight might be less than 8 ounces. Please contact me if you want an exact shipping quote (for international shipping)! I can manually calculate shipping and send you an invoice too if prefer. I do refund shipping when it is calculated incorrectly (whether you contact me or not). Please remember, it is the weight of the items and the box/packaging which may bring the total weight over 8 ounces. Sadly, international shipping is high. Even an empty package/envelope is $15… Packages over 8 ounces jump to over $25. NOTE: all international orders will be responsible for VAT and duty fees.

Back to knitting. I need to get that pattern done!

Happy knitting!!

Neutral Lines Blanket

passap blanket
Digital view of pattern above.

This Passap blanket pattern is a great neutral design for a contemporary look. It was knit on the Passap E6000 with technique 186 which is 2 color double bed tuck. I used 2 strands (each color) of 2/24 yarn. Cast on #3 88-0-88 knit 250 pattern rows (1000 actual lock passes).

passap t186 blanket

I made the bottom border of the blanket large enough for text. I have added initials to mine. A name will also work or just leave it blank.

I am sharing the pattern files for Designaknit and Wincrea format if you would like to knit one or several! 😉 This pattern is free to knit and sell, but credit Herman Hills Farm for the design. Thank you!

Click here to access the files.

For cast off directions see this post.

3D printed Passap replacement parts on my Shop

3d printed parts passap

Musical Blanket

music note blanket
Musical Blanket with name blacked out in top right corner.

The Musical Blanket…sort of like musical chairs but much more fun (lol). This was a design for a baby blanket knit on the Passap E6000. My daughter (13) helped with the design. She knit the blanket for her teacher. I have blacked out the baby name at the top right of the blanket (on the photos). The file I am sharing has blank border rows there (no name of course). Knit with technique 187 with 1×1 back pushers AX both arrows as set up in the manual. Knit with one strand of 2/24 which finished as a thin fabric with good drape. It was 34″ by 48″ finished after washing. I have plans to knit this with cotton (Yeoman Brittany) and am thinking it should finish up around the same size after washing (I will edit this after I have knit one!.). Cotton is always nice for baby blankets.

My daughter chose the designs for the blanket. She found the Stitch World music staff design to use for the body of the blanket. This Stitch World design is in Designaknit DAK. (I did edit the pattern a bit for her and add hearts). The music staff design in DAK is reversed so I had to flip it. I also edited out some non essential/random stitches. (If you look at the design in the Stitch World book, it is correct. I am not sure why it is flipped the wrong way in DAK.) The piano key pattern was designed in Designaknit. I added the baby’s last name on the top border. (The name is blacked out in the photos for privacy.)

We planned on having white for the background, but I wasn’t paying attention and put the colors in the wrong feeders. It turned out great anyway. I did edit the .stp after knitting adding a horizontal line above the piano keys (which looks really nice).

I am sharing this design file in .stp (Designaknit) and .bmp (Wincrea) if you would like to knit one (link at end of post). This design was 176 stitches and 250 pattern rows (1000 locks passes on the lock row counter.). If you use a thin yarn like one strand of 2/24, you will get a small baby blanket. You could also knit with 2 strands of 2/24 and get a larger blanket baby blanket. If you want a large throw, use technique 186 with 2 strands of 2/24.

My daughter also made a bunch of tiny baby hats with commercial knit fabric. This hat pattern is a modified version of the free Patterns for Pirates Teeny Beanie . She used a serger to assemble the hats. It is much quicker and a more professional finish than a sewing machine.

baby hats

If you would like to knit this blanket, click here to access the Designaknit and Wincrea files.

Happy knitting! 🙂

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