Ashford Sample It Loom

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I bought an Ashford Sample It rigid heddle loom from the Woolery to use for small projects and samples.  I also thought it would be nice to have a small loom to take with me on trips.  I love this loom!  It is small enough to fit on my lap … Read More


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I have two weaving projects going right now.  One is a very simple warp of 4 harness dish towels.  I wanted something quick to weave.  I found a simple draft in one of my Weaver’s Craft magazines. The other weaving project I am working on is a multishaft twill sample … Read More

Saori Scarf

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  I am posting some photos of the most recent project to come off the Saori loom.  I wove 3 identical scarves on this one warp.  The warp is commercial yarn.  The weft is a mix of handspun and commercial yarn along with some tailspun Wensleydale locks.

Saori Weaving

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I wound two warps which are exactly the same.  Each warp is long enough for 3 72″ scarves.  I put one warp the Saori loom for my son to weave and the other warp was put on my Baby Wolf for me.  Both will be woven in a Saori style. … Read More

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