How to Save as .bmp in Gimp

Wincrea is free software (for PC) which is used to design stitch patterns for Passap E6000 knitting machines. You can download Wincrea and the user manual here. Wincrea uses .bmp files. If you are designing with Designaknit(DAK), and want to share your stitch pattern with someone who uses Wincrea, you need to save the file as a .bmp. Here are the steps to follow to save a .stp file as a .bmp

Open your file in Stitch Designer in DAK. Turn off the grid view and knitting pattern view if on. Go to edit/copy.

Open Gimp. Go to edit/paste.

Go to file/export as

Rename the file and be sure to add the .bmp file extension to the end of your file name. Click “export.” A pop up box comes up for export. Don’t change anything just click export again.

That is is. Find your file and open it in Wincrea.

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