Fleece on the Hoof

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The weather this summer has been crazy.  First it was rainy, then hot, then rainy, then cool, now it is hot again.  The parasites (worms- especially the barber pole worm) have been thriving, so I have been keeping a close watch (as always) on the sheep.  The barber pole worm (haemonchus contortus) can be deadly for a sheep.  The sheep must be closely monitored in the spring and summer for signs of anemia which indicate the presence of the barber pole worm.  We practice FAMACHA for controlling the barber pole worm population.

My son and I wormed the sheep this morning.  I have one yearling wether (Wobble) who just loves the wormer.  Most sheep dislike the taste.  He loves it.  Wobble follows us around as we check the other sheep and worm them if necessary.  He is quite a character. I took a few photos of the sheep fleeces since I happened to have my phone with me.  The fleeces are looking really nice!

Fleece "on the hoof"
Fleece “on the Hoof.”

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