Cormo Fleece Available

My Cormo have been sheared and I have a couple of fleeces that have not been spoken for.  The sheep were coated all year.  This is the prime coated fleece.  It is $25 per pound raw.  Shipping is extra.  (You can estimate shipping at USPS   Shipping from 45013.)  Fleece is sold by the whole fleece or by the pound.  When inquiring about fleece, please send your Paypal email address and zipcode.  I will email you a Paypal invoice.  If you do not have Paypal account, include your zipcode.  I can email you a Paypal invoice.  You can pay via credit card through the Paypal link on the invoice.  Contact me via the “Contact Us” link on my website homepage.  The link is in the upper right hand corner.

Update:  All the fleeces have sold.  Thank you!






Alicia 7lb 14oz




Alec Ram 7lb 6oz


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  1. Kathy Heger
    | Reply

    Is Alec Ram still available?

    • Tina
      | Reply

      All the fleeces have been sold. Thanks. More will be available in the spring 2014. Thanks

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