Winter Update

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Winter got an early start and it is still going strong.  I haven’t been online much since there is so much work in the winter with the livestock.  I thought I would post a photo update.   The sheep have enjoyed being in the barn away from the winter weather. … Read More

Spring (Shearing) is Here!

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The Cormo sheep have been sheared and I will be skirting fleeces for the next couple of days.  Most of the fleeces have been spoken for, but there may be a couple of extras.  I will send out a newsletter with information about remaining fleeces (if there are any). I … Read More

Wensleydale TWINS!

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Brianna lambed at 4am.  It was a very chilly 20 degrees.  I had been watching and waiting for her to lamb.  She had some problems with delivering triplets last year and I wanted to keep an eye on her again this year. Brianna had two big, healthy ram lambs.  The … Read More

Cormo Ram Lamb

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Alice had a ram lamb this year.  She had a very easy delivery.  The Cormo rarely have any problems lambing.  They are both doing great!  I think his ear tag is weighting him down.  What do you think?

Growing Fleeces

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I was checking coats on a few of the sheep and got a quick picture while they munched on some hay. I also took a some photos of the growing fleeces…

Wensleydale Lambs

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I was checking the sheep the other night and just happen to have my cell phone, so I snapped a couple of quick pictures.  This is Wibble (ewe) and Wobble (ram) a couple of the high percentage Wensleydale lambs we had this year by Grey Owl (UK sire).  Wobble is … Read More

What’s Been Going ON?

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We had some beautiful lambs this year.  We did have a few bottle lambs.  The bottle lambs are a lot of work, so the shop was on a bit of a vacation for awhile.  The lambs are now all weaned and doing great!  Now there is finally time to get … Read More

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