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Washed Alpaca Locks

I have been washing up some AWESOME alpaca fleece.  I have been spinning it as soon as it is dry!  Yes, it is that awesome.  I have set aside a little bit for the shop, so check it out! It is so soft it just about spins itself!   I really love the  color.  It is a nice light chocolate brown.  I am blending some batts and will post a few after I get them spun up!

Wensleydale Locks

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Washed Wensleydale Locks

I had some time to sort through my fleeces and wash up some locks.  I will be dyeing some for my batts and art yarns.  I have listed some washed locks in the shop and will be adding some dyed ones soon!  These fleeces are really super nice.  The locks are extra long, around 5+ inches (relaxed length, not stretched length!)  These are the perfect length for spinning, carding, art yarns, felting projects, you name it!

Ruffled Cardigan

I am posting an update on the cardigan I am knitting.  It is the Ruffled Cardigan from Knit it Now.  This is a great pattern.  The directions are well written and easy to read.  I have finished knitting all the pieces, blocked them, and am sewing them together.  The photo is the long ruffled band that will be knit around the edges of the cardigan.  I just love the way the tuck stitch pattern has turned out on the band.  I should have my cardigan finished this weekend, so keep an eye out for some pictures!

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