Spring (Shearing) is Here!

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The Cormo sheep have been sheared and I will be skirting fleeces for the next couple of days.  Most of the fleeces have been spoken for, but there may be a couple of extras.  I will send out a newsletter with information about remaining fleeces (if there are any).

Snack Time
Snack Time

I took the above photo when the ewes came in from the pasture in the evening.  The pastures are very lush, so I do not need to feed the sheep grain.  I give them a just a little grain to get them to come in paddock near the house at night.  The coyotes don’t tend to come too close to the house.  My Great Pyrenees does a great job of protecting the sheep from pedators, but I feel better knowing they are not too far from the house during the night…






Wensleydale TWINS!

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Brianna lambed at 4am.  It was a very chilly 20 degrees.  I had been watching and waiting for her to lamb.  She had some problems with delivering triplets last year and I wanted to keep an eye on her again this year.

Brianna had two big, healthy ram lambs.  The sire is a UK ram named Popeye.  These rams are just beautiful and have nice confirmation.  I can’t wait to see how they fill out as they grow.



Cormo Ram Lamb

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Alice had a ram lamb this year.  She had a very easy delivery.  The Cormo rarely have any problems lambing.  They are both doing great!  I think his ear tag is weighting him down.  What do you think?


Wensleydale Lambs

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Wibble and Wobble

I was checking the sheep the other night and just happen to have my cell phone, so I snapped a couple of quick pictures.  This is Wibble (ewe) and Wobble (ram) a couple of the high percentage Wensleydale lambs we had this year by Grey Owl (UK sire).  Wobble is the one on the right sporting a grey camo coat (the coat was made by Rocky Sheep Suits).

Wobble had a bit of a slow start.  He was very weak at birth and had pneumonia.  The ewe had triplets, but the third one was too weak to thrive and passed away just minutes after birth.  The ewe was a maiden ewe and was not very “motherly” with the lambs.  They ended up being bottle lambs. Eventually, the lambs did bond with their mother but she was not too thrilled with them nursing!

It is just amazing to see how far along they have come since their difficult dystocia delivery.  They are so happy and healthy.

Fleece “On the Hoof”




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Little "j" loves Brianna.

Fall is here and it has been very busy here on the farm.  I took a few of the Wensleydale ewes to be bred with UK semen.  I will ultrasound them in a couple of weeks to see if they settled.  If not, they will be bred with my high percentage Wensleydale ram.

The weekend I am picking up another Cormo ram and a ewe to incorporate into my Cormo breeding program.  These new sheep have great genetics and fleeces and will be a great addition to the flock.

Summer Days…

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Summer is here and so are the hot, hot summer days!  The sheep have been staying under the shelters and in the shade most of the day.

The lambs are growing fast.  Pictured is a 2011 95% Wensleydale lamb and a two year old 91% Wensleydale ewe.

Cormo Shearing

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Shearing Cormo

I have finally had time to sit down and write a blog post!  Things have been pretty crazy around here the last few weeks.  The shearer came and sheared the Cormo.  All the fleeces have been skirted, packed, and mailed.  I have sent the uncoated fleece (the fleece that is not under the coat) to the mill to be processed into top and should have it back in a few months.

Fleece on the Hoof
Skirted Fleece (coated)

I have kept a few fleeces and will have some washed and dyed locks in the online farm shop soon.

After all the shearing was done, I spent the rest of the day vaccinating, coating, and trimming hooves.

Alice Cormo Ewe

Black Wensleydale Lambs

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Black Wensleydale Lambs

Brianna had beautiful set of twin lambs this year.  There is a ram and a ewe.  The ewe is just beautiful with lots of silver on her.  These lambs were bred with semen from the UK.  They are 93% Wensleydale.

Cormo Lambs…

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Cormo Lamb
Newborn Cormo Ram Lamb

Our first 2011 Cormo lamb by our Alice Field ram was born March 19.  He is doing just fine and mama is really proud.

Cormo Ewe and Newborn Lamb

I did remove the coat from the ewe to be sure the lamb was nursing good.  This ewe has a beautiful fleece.  The coat is going back on and she will be ready for shearing in a couple of weeks.


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