Daisy Knitter

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The other day, I was going through a bag of very old knitting stuff (I acquired from a knitter who had passed away) and came across this little gadget.  It is called a Daisy Knitter.  It was in a small baggie with a pattern and instruction leaflet.  It is used to make a type of knit flowers.  I guess it is similar to the plastic flower knitters you can buy at the local craft store.  The Daisy Knitter is metal and was made in the USA between 1930 and around 1950.  It makes a rather stringy little flower.  I think it would work for some type of embellishment on a cardigan or a bag of some sort.  It is a pretty neat little gadget.  I am sure I will find a use for it.

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  1. Roz
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    I have one of these tools, they were on sale here in the UK during the latter half of the 1960’s. Haven’t used it in years, but I still have it, along with my darning mushroom and the first tatting shuttle I bought. I also have two of the old UK sized steel crochet hooks, plus several in aluminium.

  2. Megan
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    I just acquired one today! Any advice on how it should be used appreciated!

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