Carding up Some Batts

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Smooth Textured Batt

I have been super busy carding up some batts.  I have my Matchless set up on double drive and have been spinning like crazy for a new weaving project I have in mind.

The project I am wanting to weave is a really neat woven hat using the Saori method of weaving.  I got the idea for the hat from Jill of Saori Santa Cruz.  She always has something neat she is working on and the hat really caught my attention.  I hope to have enough yarn spun up soon so I can start weaving!

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  1. Susan
    | Reply

    Hi! I’m admiring your lovely batts and wondering what you’re using for a carder! Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Tina
      | Reply

      I have a double wide Strauch Mad Battr and a Louet Classic. I don’t remember which carder I used for these batts but it was one of those.

      • Susan
        | Reply

        Thanks, Tina! I had a DW Mad Batter a few years ago, but I sold it. Working my way back to that. You are making beautiful batts!

        • Tina
          | Reply

          Thank you for the compliment! The Strauch is a nice carder, but I guess you know that! 😉

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