Cormo Shearing

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Shearing Cormo

I have finally had time to sit down and write a blog post!  Things have been pretty crazy around here the last few weeks.  The shearer came and sheared the Cormo.  All the fleeces have been skirted, packed, and mailed.  I have sent the uncoated fleece (the fleece that is not under the coat) to the mill to be processed into top and should have it back in a few months.

Fleece on the Hoof
Skirted Fleece (coated)

I have kept a few fleeces and will have some washed and dyed locks in the online farm shop soon.

After all the shearing was done, I spent the rest of the day vaccinating, coating, and trimming hooves.

Alice Cormo Ewe

Wensleydale Locks

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Washed Wensleydale Locks

I had some time to sort through my fleeces and wash up some locks.  I will be dyeing some for my batts and art yarns.  I have listed some washed locks in the shop and will be adding some dyed ones soon!  These fleeces are really super nice.  The locks are extra long, around 5+ inches (relaxed length, not stretched length!)  These are the perfect length for spinning, carding, art yarns, felting projects, you name it!

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