Pixie Lock Picker

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What is a Pixie Lock Picker?  You may have seen it featured in Ply Magazine.  The Pixie Lock Picker is a tool which helps to easily open locks while you are prepping fiber.  When I prep fiber for combing, I always open the tips of the locks before combing.  This … Read More

In the Shop!

The online farm shop on Etsy has been stocked with some new hand dyed locks.  There is also farm fresh Wensleydale roving available in white and black.  The roving is so soft and silky!  It is so wonderful to spin.  I will be adding some more washed Wensleydale locks (white, black, and … Read More

Lambing 2015

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Just to update everyone…  There are several ewes bred for the 2015 lambing season.  Lambs are due late spring (April-May).  If you are looking for a fiber animal, I have a few really nice wethers available.

Wensleydale Rams and Wethers Available

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Update:  These have all been sold.  Thank you!! I have a few black and black/silver Wensleydale rams and wethers available.  For more information, leave a reply to this post. (Your post will not be published) or contact me via the “Contact Us” link on the top left side on homepage … Read More

Wensleydale Lambs

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So far we have 12 Wensleydale lambs.  The percentages range from 93%-98%.  There are a few more ewes yet to lamb.  Our Cormo ewes are due to lamb in a couple of weeks.  We will have lambs available for purchase after weaning.    


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We are in the middle of lambing.  Several of our Wensleydales have lambed.  These lambs are 93-98% Wensleydale with UK sires.  Our ewes who were bred with our ram are due any day and the Cormo are due at the end of April.

Winter Update

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Winter got an early start and it is still going strong.  I haven’t been online much since there is so much work in the winter with the livestock.  I thought I would post a photo update.   The sheep have enjoyed being in the barn away from the winter weather. … Read More

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