We have single coated, fine wool Shetland breeding stock (ewes and rams) and fiber pets (wethers) available.  All sheep have wonderful fleeces and correct confirmation.  All of our stock originate from Under the Son Farm.  Ewes $200, Rams/Wethers $155.  We are located in SW Ohio.  Serious inquiries contact us for more information.  Click on photo to see full size and description.  Also Sydell Collapsible Round Bale Feeder 90” x 85” x 48”. Two sides of this feeder the sheep can push in as they eat.  Always kept inside barn.  $250 .

Current count- 5 adult ewes -DOB 2017(morrit, brown kat, black kat, and 2 white), 9 lambs.  (Ewe lambs: solid jet black no markings, solid jet black with white spot on forehead, white, and brown kat.  Ram lambs: brown kat and dark brown Kat.  Wethers: black kat, brown kat, and yuglet light morrit white white socks.) .