Fall “ish”

Summer is finally fading and cooler fall weather is here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Designaknit (DAK) 9 has been released, so lots of reading up on the new update and testing new features. So far, I can see it is a big improvement over DAK 8. Hoping to post some projects soon… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Days of Summer

This summer has been hot and dry so far. I have had time to get some fleece washed and listed on my Etsy shop. This wool is from my fine wool, single coated Shetland sheep and it is super soft! The sheep are surviving the hot weather by hanging out … Read More


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We have 4 lambs so far with more to come.ย  If you are looking for registered fine wool/single coated Shetlands contact me via the “contact us” page or leave a comment.

Mid Winter Update

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It is mid winter and looking forward to spring and lambs.  I will have Shetland lambs available early summer. Beaming on a towel warp.  More details to come…. This tiny nest was tucked in between some bales of hay I was getting down for the horses. I am not sure … Read More

Sheep Checkup!

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Yes, there is always one sheep turned the wrong direction.ย  I should tilt the sides of the chute to keep that from happening I guess…ย  All the sheep are healthy and happy.ย  Waiting on lambs in Feb/March.

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