Feathers and Fluff…

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Every once in a while, I will pick up some feathers from around the farm.  I have guinea fowl.  Their feathers are beautiful and unique.  They do take dye well.  I have dyed a few.  I still have not used them for anything.  I know they work well as an “add in” to art yarn.  I just don’t think I would ever wear anything with feathers in it.

Summer is Over?

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The flowers are still blooming, but I know that summer is just about over.  We have been busy getting things ready around the farm for the coming winter weather.  There was a lot of rain in the spring, but this summer has been hot and dry.  I spent time going through all the pastures and checking all the fence lines for burr weeds and sticker bushes.  The burr weeds and sticker bushes are terrible for the horses manes, tails, and fetlock feathers, not to mention the sheep fleeces!  I spend lots of time making sure all the pastures are clear of all these weeds!

We did get a bit of rain the other day.  The pastures sure do need it.

Rainbow Over Pasture After Rain




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We had some unique visitors the other day.  Our neighbor has cows.  They have a bull and pasture breed some of the locals’ cows.  A few of the heifers, which were there for breeding, found an escape route through the fence.  They crossed the road and came all the way up the driveway before realizing they were lost.  They didn’t stay too long.  I guess they found out the grass really isn’t greener on the other side…

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