Sheep links:

North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association

Fine Fleece Shetland Sheep Association

North American Wensleydale Sheep Association

American Cormo Sheep Association

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How to Spin Yarn- a series of online masterclasses taught by Ashley Martineau, Author of Spinning and Dyeing Yarn.


Horse links:

North American Friesian Horse Association (FHANA)

Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (KFPS) - The Dutch website for the Friesian horse (in English)

North American Peruvain Horse Association (NAPHA) - The smoothest gaited horse on the planet!

Paso Fino Horse Association- “Los Caballos de Paso Fino” – the horses with the fine walk

Clydesdale Breeders of the USA

American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA)

American Driving Society

Chester Weber - combined driving


Online Resources:

Knit it Now- The ultimate online learning source for machine knitting.