Cardin’ Up Some Batts

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Textured Art Batt

I spent the day making up some textured art batts to spin.  The batts have merino, bamboo, throwsters silk, Wensleydale locks, and Angelina.  I used some natural black Wensleydale locks.  I really like the way the batts have turned out.  Now it is time to spin!!!

Art Yarn Add-Ins

I was spinning up some yarn the other day, adding in my typical yarns and fabrics.  I like to add in textured yarns and strips of fabric.  The novelty yarns are usually around fingering weight or a little heavier.

I decided to add some of my art yarn add in’s (or Snippets as I like to call them) in my shop.  I am going to list these in the Etsy shop I share with my sister.  So if you want to be adventurous with your spinning, check them out!  The Snippets are made from top quality yarn/quilt shop fibers and fabrics.

Carding up Some Batts

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Smooth Textured Batt

I have been super busy carding up some batts.  I have my Matchless set up on double drive and have been spinning like crazy for a new weaving project I have in mind.

The project I am wanting to weave is a really neat woven hat using the Saori method of weaving.  I got the idea for the hat from Jill of Saori Santa Cruz.  She always has something neat she is working on and the hat really caught my attention.  I hope to have enough yarn spun up soon so I can start weaving!

…Have You Any Wool?…

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I was outside feeding the other day and took this photo of one of my barn cats (Liquid) with one of the Cormo ewes (Matilda).  I rarely have my “real” camera with me when I am out doing the farm chores.  I just so happened to have my phone with me and I took the photo with it.

I thought about the nursery rhyme, “BaaBaa Black Sheep” when I took the photo.  I know, Matilda is white, but I still thought about it!

The Cormo are getting close to lambing.  They are due mid-March.

New Etsy Shop?

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I have opened an Etsy shop with my identical twin sister.  We have been wanting to work on something together and thought it would be fun to open an Etsy shop together!!  I will have special items in the Etsy shop that will not be in the Herman Hills Knittery online shop.  I have been working on a few new knit items too so keep an eye on my shop and the new Etsy!! This shop is also part of the Fiber Indie eXperience (FIX) and purchases made here will enter you in the FIX drawings!

The photo above is an example of a few items that are in the Spin to Yarn Etsy shop. As you may know, my sister’s shop Spin to Yarn (her main site, not the Etsy one) has many Schacht and Louet products in it (with more Schacht items to be listed soon including the new Sidekick wheel-more on that in a later post!).  She will be listing a few Louet items on Etsy, but all the Schacht items will only be available through the main Spin to Yarn website.

Ruffled Cardigan

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I am posting an update on the cardigan I am knitting.  It is the Ruffled Cardigan from Knit it Now.  This is a great pattern.  The directions are well written and easy to read.  I have finished knitting all the pieces, blocked them, and am sewing them together.  The photo is the long ruffled band that will be knit around the edges of the cardigan.  I just love the way the tuck stitch pattern has turned out on the band.  I should have my cardigan finished this weekend, so keep an eye out for some pictures!

Daisy Knitter

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The other day, I was going through a bag of very old knitting stuff (I acquired from a knitter who had passed away) and came across this little gadget.  It is called a Daisy Knitter.  It was in a small baggie with a pattern and instruction leaflet.  It is used to make a type of knit flowers.  I guess it is similar to the plastic flower knitters you can buy at the local craft store.  The Daisy Knitter is metal and was made in the USA between 1930 and around 1950.  It makes a rather stringy little flower.  I think it would work for some type of embellishment on a cardigan or a bag of some sort.  It is a pretty neat little gadget.  I am sure I will find a use for it.

Knit it Now

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Knit it Now
Great Website for MK!

There is a new machine knitting website called Knit it Now.  I recently attended a webinar for Design a Knit (DAK) knitting software.  I was so impressed with the Webinar.  I plan on signing up for all their webinars.  Some of them cover topics I already know, but I know I can always learn from someone else.

The website is very easy to navigate and it up do date technology wise.  I am really happy that someone has taken the time to make a site like Knit it Now.  It is run by the owner of BT Yarns, Sue Jalowiec and her partner Matt.  I have bought yarn from Sue before and she has always been a pleasure to work with.  The person behind the website design, Matt, has done a wonderful job making the site very user friendly while integrating the latest website technology.

Knit is Now has really nice dynamic patterns for sale.  The dynamic patterns can be resized to work with any type machine and yarn.  They also have a learning library you can subscribe too.  The learning library has tons and tons of tutorials on machine knitting.  To top it all off, Knit it Now offers live webinars which cover an array of topics.  You can connect to the instructor in the “live” classroom.

I could go on….but I really think you will want to check the site out for yourself.

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